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Our dedicated and hardworking technicians will do everything possible to get rid of your pest problem until they're gone for good. We'll create a customized pest removal plan and start working immediately. Our team is standing by to solve your every pest control problem. Call us at (510) 369-0077 or fill out our quick and easy online form today!

  • Bats

    Homeowners should contact our pest professionals if an active bat infestation is suspected, as the problem often cannot be controlled with do-it-yourself measures. In addition, if an infestation develops, it is important to treat the area for bat mites and bat bugs, which will bite humans.

  • Bed Bugs

    Favorite spots for bed bugs are box springs, head boards, bed frames, and even in furniture or fixtures in close proximity to your bed. All bed bugs look for human hosts that are inactive long enough to feed off of, so bed bugs may also live anywhere you sit or rest, such as a couch, car seat, or even a movie theater seat.

  • Clothes Moths

    Clothes mothes are easier to control because they are confined near clothing. To protect your clothes, don't store boxes of clothes in your attic, garage, or basement. In closets, keep natural fiber clothing covered in plastic covers.

  • Earwigs

    Most types of earwigs generally prefer wet areas which are cooler and undisturbed. Earwigs can be a serious garden pest if conditions are right. If there is adequate ground cover, wet soil, and food, the earwigs will do well.

  • House Ants

    House ants are both annoying and can be hard to control because they have several subcolonies and nest in a variety of areas. The key to house ant control is to find and treat both colonies and subcolonies.

  • House Crickets

    Battling an individual cricket in your home can be difficult since these insects often go silent when they feel threatened. Even locating a cricket by sound can be difficult since the direction of chirping is often difficult to determine.

  • Mice

    Mice can cause severe damage to your home, including electrical fires. They only need 3 to 4 grams of food each day to survive. Call Pest No. 1 today for mice extermination.

  • Millipedes

    Millipedes usually dwell in damp areas outdoors but can migrate inside if their habitat outdoors becomes too hot and dry. Once inside, they may hide under furniture or boxes of stored items.

  • Moles

    Just figuring out what is making your yard unsightly can be tricky. Mounds, holes, and patches of dead grass can be caused by gophers, shrews, moles and even armadillos. Underground pests can be among the most difficult to control. They rarely allow themselves to be seen in daylight and their tunnel systems provide them both shelter and opportunities to escape unwanted attention.

  • Paper Wasps

    Homeowners typically have issues with paper wasps when they accidentally disturb a hidden nest. While honey bees can only sting once, wasps will strike as many times as it takes to ward off intruders. Most reactions to paper wasp stings are mild, but some people may be allergic to the pest’s venom. Removing a paper wasp nest may be dangerous. Call Pest No. 1 for professional pest control.

  • Rats

    Evidence of a rat problem include finding rat droppings (rat fecal pellets), hearing squeaking or bustling sounds in the walls or attic, a musky smell, or finding burrows.

  • Silverfish

    Removal of silverfish may require application of eco and pet friendly products. We can help you get rid of silverfish and prevent a future outbreak.

  • Scorpions

    Pest No. 1 can help you identify the scorpion species, where they are commonly located, and how to get rid of them.

  • Spiders

    Spiders can live in a variety of places both indoors and outdoors. We can help get rid of all spiders in your home or business.

  • Spider Mites

    Spider mites, almost too small to be seen, pass into our gardens without notice. No matter how few, each survives by sucking material from plant cells. Large infestations cause visible damage. Leaves first show patterns of tiny spots or stipplings. They may change color, curl and fall off. The mites activity is visible in the tight webs that are formed under leaves and along stems.

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Our dedicated and hardworking technicians will do everything possible to get rid of your pest problem until they're gone for good. We'll create a customized pest removal plan and start working immediately.

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