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Uninvited rodents can cause problems in your home, becoming a nuisance at best or, at worst, a health hazard to you and your family. Crossfire Pest Control is here to help! 

Our team of expert pest control technicians offers comprehensive rodent control services in Berkeley, El Cerrito, and Albany. With same day or emergency services, your rodent problems won’t last long!

For rat control in Berkeley or the surrounding areas, call (510) 369-0077 or contact us online.

Protect Yourself with Effective Rat Control Services

Rodents that enter your home can be vectors of many different diseases, such as: 

  • Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome
  • Lymphocytic Choriomeingitis 
  • Bubonic Plague 
  • Asthma
  • Allergies 

For many of the diseases listed above, you don’t need to come into direct contact with a rodent to get the disease. That’s why we recommend that you look to the experts for safe and effective rodent control services. 

Our team has over 25 years of experience in handling these types of infestations. We’ll help you take care of your rodent problem in no time!

Call (510) 369-0077 or contact our rodent control experts online.

What to Know About Rodents

Because rodents like mice and rats are mammals, they are in a different class of pests than insects. Rodents are highly adaptable and learn quickly. This means that, when you’re facing a rodent infestation, you have to use different methods of control to address the issue. 

We do not recommend tackling a rodent infestation on your own because of the diseases that these creatures can spread. Leave it to the experts, who can safely and effectively address your rodent problems.

Reasons Why You May Have a Rat Problem

You might be wondering how you came to experience a rodent infestation in the first place. Mice and rats and other rodents are simple creatures when you think about it: they are simply seeking food, water, and shelter. Our homes are the perfect place to find all three.

Some common causes of mice and rat problems include:

  • Food left out or in unsealed containers
  • Exposed trash
  • Pet food that’s been left out

Rats and mice can enter your home via holes around your appliances, windows, doors, or even through your crawl spaces and foundation. 

Rodent Control with Crossfire Pest Control

With over 25 years of experience in tackling infestations across Berkeley, Crossfire Pest Control is proud to offer solutions to all manner of pest problems. We offer both same-day and emergency services so that you can quickly get rid of the pests that have invaded your home.

What's more, our team of pest control technicians will ensure that your home is pest-free for the long term.

For more information about our rodent control services, please call (510) 369-0077 to speak to one of our pest experts today!

Marc was such a nice and trustworthy guy. I called him to come to my grandfather’s house, where we recently discovered a rat problem. He went around the property with us, explaining what rats look for and where we might find them. He almost immediately found two holes they had formed in the side of the house that we all had missed in previous attempts to sell the house. He offered a ton of valuable advice about how to solve the rat problem, and he answered a lot of questions very patiently. He was good-humored and informative and I would definitely recommend him!

Naomi B.
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